Sucrose Acetate Isobutyrate ET Food Grade

Sustane™ SAIB ET Food Grade is a low-viscosity blend of 10% ethanol and 90% SAIB that pours readily at room temperature. The small amount of ethanol is considered a processing aid. Sustane™ SAIB ET can be used in soft drinks.
Product Overview
Sustane™ SAIB is a stable liquid that is soluble in most alcohol, oils, fats and waxes. SAIB can change viscosity abruptly upon the addition of solvents or increasing temperature. It is produced by esterfication of natural sugar with acetic and isobutyric anhydrides.
Product Specifications
Form, @ 25°C: Pourable free-flowing liquid
Ethyl alcohol: 9-11 %
Density, @ 25°C: 1.1 kg/L
Viscosity, @ 25°C:
1,000 cP, approximately
Color (Pt-Co D 1209): 200 maximum
Acid number: 0.2 mg KOH/g maximum
Features & Benefits
Food grade
Sucrose-based; derived from sugar
Weighting agent
Flavor emulsion stabilizer
Kosher Pareve
Flavorless and odorless at typical beverage levels
Density-adjusting agent in beverages that contain essential flavoring oils
High purity
Readily soluble in flavoring oils
Allows pouring and/or pumping at ambient temperatures without heating
Metabolizes to food components
Regulated at higher use levels than BVO and ester gum
Oxidative and hydrolytic stability
Vegan suitable
Beverage ingredients
Flavored beverages
Citrus beverages
Carbonated soft drinks
Weighting agent
BVO alternative in citrus-flavored beverages
Beverage emulsions
Flavoring oils
Energy drinks
Sports drinks
Nutritional beverages
Flavored water
Fruit juices
Malt beverages
Non-alcoholic beverages
Nutritional tonics
Flavor enhancers
Food flavors & food fragrances
Food ingredients
Food chemicals
Toilet water