LUDOX® FM, 15% Silica

LUDOX® FM is a colloidal silica with an average particle size of 5 nm. It is an excellent binder for materials used in refractory applications.
Product Overview
LUDOX® FM is an alkaline, aqueous colloidal silica containing 15% amorphous silica with a particle size of 5 nm. LUDOX® FM has the smallest particle size of all LUDOX® colloidal silica grades. Because of this it is a very powerful binder of metals, ceramics, and other refractory materials used for high temperature applications. LUDOX® FM is an excellent densifier for concrete. The small particle size of the amorphous silica in LUDOX® FM allow it to easily penetrate porous concrete to react with calcium hydroxide in the cement. This forms calcium silica hydrates and increases concrete density and hardness.
Product Specifications

Density (g/cm³, lb/gal): 1.1, 9.2
Boiling Point (760 mm Hg) °C/°F: 100/212
Melting Point °C/°F: 0/32
Vapor Pressure (25°C) mm Hg: 24
Vapor Pressure (38°C) mm Hg: 48
Stabilizing Counter Ion: Sodium
Particle Charge: Negative

Primary Chemistry: Colloidal Silica
Features & Benefits
Anionic Particles
Extremely Small Particle Size
Excellent Binder
Alkaline pH Stable
Low Sodium Content
Problems Solved
Poor strength and durability of ceramic parts.
Failure of refractory materials at ultra high temperatures.
Inorganic Binder
Refractory Coatings
Catalyst Stabilizer
Concrete Densifier