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JEFFSOL® Propylene Carbonate

Key Applications

Lithium Battery Electrolyte Component; VOC Exempt Solvent; Isocyanate Diluent; Paint Stripper; Nail Polish Remover; Plasticizer; Cosmetic Solvent; Adhesive Solvent

Product Description

JEFFSOL® is a biodegradable, VOC-exempt propylene carbonate solvent primarily used in paint strippers, surface cleaners, and degreasers. Since propylene carbonate has a high boiling and flash point and low toxicity, it is a useful tail solvent replacement in paints and coatings for the recently banned PCBTF, otherwise known as Oxsol 100. JEFFSOL® may also be used as a slow-evaporating diluent for isocyanate curatives and prepolymers used in 2K polyurethane coatings. JEFFSOL® has a slow evaporation rate and high flash point, making it less flammable than other common VOC-exempt solvents, such as acetone. It may also be used as a chemical intermediate to produce various commercially important materials through carbamate formation, hydroxyalkylation, transesterification, and more.

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