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Potassium Iodate, FCC Micronized

FCC grade material of Potassium Iodate with a particle size of 99% pass through 100 mesh




Product Overview

Potassium Iodate is a midly oxidizing salt of potassium cations and iodate anions. 

Product Specifications

Characteristic: White powdery substance with free flowing characteristics
Assay (as KI03 w/w%): 99.0 - 101.0%
Loss on drying (105°C): Less than 0.05%
Primary Chemistry: Potassium Iodate

Features & Benefits

Potassium iodate FCC grade product meets or surpasses all FCC specifications


Suitable for use in all applications where a source of iodine is needed in an oxidizing state that include food, industrial or laboratory markets. 

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Ioditech Iodide Salts and EDDI

Ioditech iodide salts and EDDI are manufactured with unique, proprietary techniques to ensure extremely pure grades and eliminate common by-products from iodine derivative creation. These products are available in various forms for use in a wide range of applications including pharmaceuticals, feed additives, skin disinfection products, metal finishing and bath salts.

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