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SoyGold® 1100 container
SoyGold®1100 is pure soy methyl ester, single distilled green solvent. SoyGold® 1100 is a bio-based, highly compatible solvent, with low VOC, and a high flash point.
Chemours Glycolic Acid Technical Grade, 70% Solution container
Glycolic acid technical from Chemours is the only domestically produced hydroxyacetic Acid in North America. It is supplied in a 70% solution that is chloride-free resulting in low corrosivity, which makes it ideal for a versatile range of cleaning and industrial applications.
Belle Chemical DMF container
DMF from Belle Chemical Company is the only domestically produced Dimethylformamide in North America. Dimethylformamide or DMF is widely used in applications that require high solvency power, low volatility, extensive liquid state range, aprotic nature, and high dielectric constant.
Potassium Iodate, FCC Micronized container
Potassium Iodate, FCC is suitable for use in all applications where a source of iodine is needed in an oxidizing state.
Potassium Iodate, Technical container
Technical grade material of Potassium Iodate with a particle size of 100% pass through 18 mesh
Tyzor® TE, triethanolamine titanate container
Tyzor® TE is a triethanolamine titanium chelate. It is an effective crosslinker and curing agent for water-based paints and coatings.
SoyClear® 1500 container
SoyClear® 1500 is a double distilled, high purity soy methyl ester solvent designed for low VOC formulations and when high flash point is required. SoyClear® 1500 is typically used in hand cleaners, candles and other colorless and high purity applications.
SoyGold® 2500 container
SoyGold® 2500 is water washable, single distilled green solvent. SoyGold® 2500 is a bio-based, highly compatible solvent, with low VOC, blended with a an-ionic surfactant and TBHQ, with a high flash point.
Tyzor® 217, zirconium lactate container
Tyzor® 217 is an aqueous chelate based on zirconium. It is used as a cross-linker and adhesion promoter in coatings, inks, adhesives and fracturing fluids.
SoyGold® 2000 container
SoyGold® 2000 is water washable, single distilled green solvent. SoyGold® 2000 is a bio-based, highly compatible solvent, with low VOC, blended with a non-ionic surfactant (indirect food contact) and TBHQ, with a high flash point.
SoyGold® 5000 container
SoyGold® 5000 is a soy methyl ester based product used as a biological co-metabolite for the in-situ remediation of chlorinated hydrocarbons and other chemical contaminants in soil and groundwater.
Tyzor® 212, zirconium chelate container
Tyzor® 212 is a water stable zirconium chelate that will crosslink nucleophilic functional groups. it is used in fracturing fluids as a gelling agent.
Tyzor® TEAZ, zirconium chelate container
Tyzor® TEAZ is a water stable zirconium complex that is used as a cross linking agent for polymers in coatings and oil well fracturing fluids.
SoyGold® 1000 container
SoyGold® 1000 is pure soy methyl ester with TBHQ, single distilled green solvent. SoyGold® 1000 is a bio-based, highly compatible solvent, with low VOC, high flash point, and increased stability compared to pure SME.
TEP Liquid container
Clear, colorless liquid used as a solvent in many applications and carries flame retardant attributes.
Tyzor® NPZ, zirconium tetra-n-propanolate container
Tyzor® NPZ is a reactive alkoxy zirconate that is used as a cross linking agent for dispersions of guar used in oil well fracturing fluids.
Oxone™ PS-16 container
Oxone™ PS-16, known as KPMS or potassium peroxymonosulfate, is a non-chlorinated oxidizer that is excellent for use in a wide variety of applications including pool and spa, cleaning products, paper production, water treatment, oil and gas, and denture cleaning applications.
Tyzor® CLA, titanium chelate container
Tyzor® CLA is a chelated organic titanate that is stable in both water and solvent based systems. It is used as cross-linker in coatings and as a catalyst.
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