BioChill PG HD 30%

30% Dilution Heavy-Duty Bio-Based Propylene Glycol Thermal Fluid
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Product Overview
BioChill PG HD 30% is a heavy-duty virgin bio-based propylene glycol fluid. Provide premium sustainable thermal transfer in a wide variety of applications and equipment. The 30% pre-diluted grade allows for simplified re-fill and top off for HTF systems.
Product Specifications
Propylene Glycol (% wt): 30%
Corrosion Inhibitors and Water (% wt): 70%
Color: Blue Green
Reserve Alkalinity (ml): 4.5 min
Pounds per Gallon (68°F): 8.60
Boiling Point: 216°F (102°C)
Freeze Point: 9°F (-13°C)
Primary Chemistry: Propylene Glycol
Features & Benefits
30% - 70% Propylene Glycol in Water
Renewable and Sustainable Bio-Based Product
Silicate Free
Meets ASTM D8039 for Multi-metal Corrosion Protection
Meets ASTM D1881 for Foam Tendency Testing
Significant Reduction in Green House Gas from Production
Potential LEED Innovation Credits
Problems Solved
Glycol-Water Freezing in Pipes Down to -50°F
Corrosion, Scaling or Fouling in Heat Transfer Systems
Inefficient or Ineffective Thermal Transfer due to Inferior Fluid
BioChill® PG HD 30% can be used in a wide range of heat transfer applications:

Solar Heating
Chemical Processing
Thermal Energy Storage
HVAC Systems
Sidewalk and Playing Field Subsurface Snow Melting
Process Heating & Cooling
Refrigeration Warehouse Floor Heating
Ice Rinks
Computer Cooling Systems
Boiler Systems
Hydronic Heating or Cooling Systems