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RS-52 container
Easy to use, Low GWP Refrigerant to Directly Replace R-22 and R502 (ASHRAE R428A) in a Wide Range of Conditioning and Refrigeration Applications.
DOWTHERM™ J container
An Alkylated Aromatic Heat Transfer Fluid with Broad Operating Temperature Range of -110°F to 600°F (-80°C to 315°C).
BioChill PG FG 30% container
30% Dilution Food Grade Bio-Based Propylene Glycol Thermal Fluid.
All-Purpose Cleaner With Bleach RTU container
Heavy-duty multi-surface cleaner with bleach remove dirt, grime, bacteria, mold, mildew and more.
Fluorinert™ FC-72 container
A clear, colorless, fully-fluorinated specialty fluid for heat transfer and electronic applications between (-90°C to 56°C)
Novec™ 7000 container
A non-flammable, low global warming potential (GWP) heat transfer fluid capable of reaching -120°C.
DOWFROST™ HD 50% container
50% Concentrate in Water, Yellow dyed, Industrial-Grade Inhibited Propylene Glycol (PG) Thermal Fluid for Heat Transfer Applications between -28°F and 325°F.
RS-24 container
Easy to use, Low GWP Refrigerant (ASHRAE R426A) to Directly Replace R12 in a Wide Range of Conditioning and Refrigeration Applications.
Fluorinert™ FC-770 container
Non-conductive, fully-fluorinated fluid for heat transfer applications in the sensitive & complex electronics & semiconductor industry. Liquid Phase (-127°C to 95°C)
Novec™ 7300 container
A low toxicity, non-ozone depleting solvent used in heat transfer, lubricant deposition, electronic testing and cleaning applications.
DOWTHERM™ Q container
Thermal Fluid Containing a Mix of Diphenylethane and Alkylated Aromatics as an Alternative to Hot Oils for Systems (up to 625°F)
Fluorinert™ FC-3284 container
Non-conductive fluid ideal for use in single or double phase heat transfer in semiconductor manufacturing and complex technology applications. Liquid phase (-73°C to 50°C)
3M™ PF-5060 container
A clear, colorless, fully-fluorinated liquid that is chemically and thermally stable, practically non-toxic, and nonflammable. Has a boiling point of 56°C.
DOWFROST™ 35% container
35% Concentrate in Water, Food-Grade Inhibited Propylene Glycol (PG) Thermal Fluid for Heat Transfer Applications between (3°F and 250°F).
DOWTHERM™ G container
Synthetic Organic Thermal Fluid for Liquid Phase Heat Transfer Processes for Applications between (20°F and 675°F).
Gett Orange Cleaner Degreaser Concentrate container
Powerful all-purpose cleaner and degreaser, naturally derived solvent with a pleasant citrus scent.
3M™ PF-5056 container
Specialty colorless fully-fluorinated solvent for a variety of applications including heat transfer, thermal conductivity reduction for polyurethane & foam manufacturing, and many more.
Fluorinert™ FC-43 container
Non-conductive, non-flammable, residue free, thermally and chemically stable liquid ideal for use in many heat transfer fluid applications. Liquid phase (-50°C to 174°C)
DOWFROST™ 50% container
50% Concentrate in Water, Food-Grade Inhibited Propylene Glycol (PG) Thermal Fluid for Heat Transfer Applications between (-22°F and 248°F).
DOWTHERM™ RP container
Diaryl Alkyl Thermal Fluid for Liquid Phase Systems between 0°C and 375°C (32°F to 710°F).
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