Royco® 22MS

Extreme High-load carrying synthetic (PAO) grease. Specification: MIL-G-81827.
Product Overview
Royco® 22MS is a synthetic based grease with
molybdenum disulfide for use in anti-friction bearings and where superior load carrying and sliding surface protection performance is required. Royco® 22MS provides stable performance for both extreme cold and hot environments.
Product Specifications
Penetration, (25°C, 0.1 mm)
Unworked: 276
Worked: 282
Worked Stability: 320
Dropping Point, (°C): 292

Primary Chemistry: Polyalphaolefin (PAO)
Features & Benefits
Very broad operating temperature range
Exceptional film protection at high temperatures
Minimize wear and damage under heavy-load conditions
Extended fluid life & reduced overall consumption
High oxidation & rust protection
Problems Solved
Grease Breakdown or Oil Loss at High Temperatures
Inadequate Grease Load Carrying Ability and Surface Damage
Royco® 22MS is approved for applications requiring specification: MIL - G - 81827A notice 1
NATO Specification: S-758.
Joint Service Designation: N/A.