Lithium Carbonate Technical Grade

Lithium Carbonate Technical Grade is a micronized, free-flowing, and high-purity lithium carbonate for use in glass, frits, and ceramics. It contains min of 99.3 wt% lithium with 55% below 45 µm.
Product Overview
Lithium Carbonate Technical Grade is an excellent choice for industrial applications, including the manufacture of glass, frits, other ceramics, and a variety of specialized applications.

It is supplied in a free-flowing and odorless white powder form. Lithium Carbonate Technical Grade is guaranteed with 99.0 wt% purity.

Product Specifications
Molecular weight: 73.89
Melting point: 720ºC
Water solubility @ 20°C: 1.3 wt%
Particle size distribution: 55% below 45 µm
Primary Chemistry: Lithium Carbonate
Features & Benefits
Free flowing and odorless
Supplied in a white powder form
Lowers melting point of glass and enamel formulations
Lowers viscosity of glass and enamel formulations
Decreases the coefficient of thermal expansion of glass and ceramics
Problems Solved
Thermal expansion and melting difficulties in the manufacturing of glass and ceramics
High cost of purified and specialty lithium carbonate grades
Low MOQ and availability in commercial quantities
Fiberglass and general glass manufacturing applications
Ceramics, and enamel products
Catalyst for esterification processes
Additive in aluminum electrolysis melts
Additive for quick setting cements and grouts