LIFETECH® Superfines Admixture

Lithium LIFETECH® Superfines are 99% lithium carbonate (Li2Co3) with medium-fine particle size. LifeTech superfines is typically used in concrete, ceramics, and glass applications due to its reactivity and narrow particle size distribution.
Product Overview
LIFETECH® grades are lithium carbonate based accelerating admixtures that contain no sodium or potassium alkalis.

LIFETECH® Lithium Carbonate Superfines provide a controllable, uniform, and predictable reaction rate, which makes it ideal for use in building materials and many industrial applications.

Because of its fine particle size and narrow particle size distribution, the product is the ideal option where reactivity and performance are based on the surface area of the lithium carbonate particles.
Product Specifications
Bulk Density: 0.7 g/cm3 (44 lb/ft3),
Molecular Weight: 73.89
Melting Point: 7200 °C
Specific Heat @ 250 °C: 0.315 cal/g/°C
Standard Heat of Formation: 290.64 kcal/mole Standard Heat of Fusion: 10.7 kcal/mole Water Solubility @ 200°C: 1.3 wt %
Particle size distribution (Malvern): 12 – 30 µm
Particle size D50: 7 – 18 µm
Particle size D90: 50 µm max

Primary Chemistry: Lithium Carbonate, Li2CO3
Features & Benefits
Super fine particle size
Narrow particle size distribution
Reduction in concrete setting-time
Increased early compressive strength
Prevents non-uniform curing
Prevents discoloration and spotting
Controls ASR in concrete
Concrete setting accelerant
Problems Solved
Delayed dryness and compressive strength in concrete
Slow setting and leveling issues in cement and concrete applications
High melting point in fluxes and the manufacturing of electronics
Too large particle size of lithium carbonate products
Refractory cements and concrete
Shotcrete / gunite and rapid-repair materials
Self-leveling floor systems
Quickset adhesives and mortars
Ceramics and refractory materials
Specialty glasses
Welding rods