2-Ethylhexyl Acrylate

This primary C8 alkylamine monomer with a branched carbon backbone is used to make specialty acrylic polymers for several value added markets.

Allantoin™ Glyoxyldiureide

This white, odorless crystalline powder is used primarily as a skin protectant in creams, lotions, lip products, shaving creams, suntan products, and baby products. It can also be used in various oral products such as tooth paste and mouth rinses.

Anox® Binary Blend Antioxidants

Anox® Binary Blend Antioxidants is a family of binary synergistic blends that protect polymers during processing and long- term aging.


Based on waste corn cobs, this cyclic aldehyde functions usually as a chemical precurser for reaction into other functional chemistry. Due to the feed stock it is also used as a "green" solvent.

Glypure™ glycolic acid for personal use

Glypure™ high-purity cosmetic-grade glycolic acid is one of the most popular ingredients for anti-aging and skin peeling products with strong consumer recognition. Recently, it has also been proven to provide unique advantages in hair care and scalp care products with the demonstrated ability to penetrate the hair shaft, causing significant benefits to hair moisturization, softness, strength and manageability for both healthy and chemically treated hair.

Glypure™ is Available in Three Grades:

  • Glypure™ glycolic acid 70 is a purified liquid form of glycolic acid. It is an aqueous solution at 70% concentration.
  • Glypure™ glycolic acid 99 is a highly purified crystalline form of glycolic acid for applications where avoidance of water is necessary. It is constituted as small, prismatic crystals of 99+% purity.
  • Pre-neutralized Glypure™ glycolic acid is an aqueous solution neutralized with ammonium hydroxide.
When it comes to cosmetic-grade glycolic acid, Glypure™ sets the standard:
  • Exceptional purity levels for personal care products
  • Clear, colorless appearance
  • Reliable, consistent supply from a dedicated production line
  • Odorless
  • Compatibility with other compounds and ingredients
  • Biodegradability
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