All Elvacite® Starting Point Formulations ( 69 )

Starting point formulations fro Elvacite® Acrylic Resins including paints, coatings, inks, lacquers, adhesives, and sealants.

Clear Aerosol Lacquer

Clear, acrylic aerosol lacquer formulation based on Elvacite® 2016.

Environmentally Friendly OPV

Acrylic overprint varnish based on Elvacite® 2776 and environmentally friendly solvents. This OPV is designed for use in printing applications with strict VOC regulations.

Clear Sealer for Concrete

Clear acrylic concrete sealer formulation with good gloss and UV resistance based on Elvacite® 2014.

Starting Formulation for Powder Coatings

Starting point formulation for powder coatings utilizing Elvacite® 2810 as an acrylic binder.

Film/Foil Laminating Adhesive

Flexible acrylic adhesive formulation for laminating film to foil for packaging applications based on Elvacite® 2044.

3 Part Plastic Coating System

Acrylic base coat, acrylic dye coat, and polyurethane clear coat formulations for plastic parts.

Automotive Primer

Acrylic primer formulation based on Elvacite® 2028 for plastic and metal substrates used in the automotive industry.

Acrylic Lacquer 2 coat system for Toy Cars

2 coat acrylic lacquer system featuring a top coat based on Elvacite® 2614 and a base coat based on Elvacite®2016. This acrylic system was designed for metallic toy cars that require good gloss and color retention.

Acrylic Lacquer for Wood Finishing

Acrylic lacquer formulation based on Elvacite® 2028 and CAB designed to provide a smooth glossy finish on wood substrates.

Road Marking Paint

Acrylic paint formulation based on Elvacite® 2008 designed to be used in road marking and striping applications.

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