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Elvacite® Ethyl Methacrylate Resins

Key Applications

lacquers; flexographic inks; decals; wood putty; coatings; outdoor displays

Product Description

Elvacite® ethyl methacrylate resins consist of tough acrylic polymers commonly used to create abrasion-resistant coatings and flexographic inks. Compared to other Elvacite® resins, the Elvacite® ethyl methacrylate resins feature intermediate properties in terms of solubility range, hardness, solvent resistance, tack, and compatibility with other resins. Elvacite® ethyl methacrylate resins feature excellent pigment-wetting ability and are unique compared to other Elvacite® resins because they have a high alcohol tolerance. Common to all other Elvacite® resins, however, these polymers create films with high resistance to chemicals, moisture, and weathering while featuring excellent gloss and clarity. Example applications for Elvacite® ethyl methacrylate resins include lacquers applied to decals and outdoor signs, flexographic inks, overprint varnishes, and related applications that require a good balance of flexibility and hardness. The polymers that constitute the Elvacite® ethyl methacrylate resins are soluble in organic ester, ether, ketone, nitrile, and chlorohydrocarbon solvents.

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