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Tospearl™ Micro-Fine Silicone Resins


Tospearl™ micro-fine silicone resins are spherical polymer powders designed with a very narrow particle distribution and are ideal for film and optical applications. In film applications, they act as a slip-additive or anti-blocking agent. They provide high-heat stability and superb lubricity, which prevents agglomeration and allows greater production flexibility, and can also be run at higher processing speeds to increase efficiency and throughput, while minimizing downtime.

In light diffusion applications its particle size uniformity puts its quality above competitive material and the chemical composition makes for an attractive and cost effective offset to PMMA type additives.

Problems Solved

Availability of silicone resins in micro-fine particle size for use as slip and anti-block additives
Insufficient lubricity and low heat stability of commercially available slip agents
Agglomeration of polymers during processing that results in reducing production speed
Low performance or compatibility issues of PMMA as light diffusion additives
High minimum order quantity and long lead time of micro-fine silicone resin

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