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ACL® 60, Granular

ACL® 60, Granular is a white free flowing anhydrous granular material with 62% available chlorine with high solubility, with a granular (20-100 mesh) particle size with low water content and high stability.


300lb Drum



Product Overview

ACL® 60, Granular is a sodium salt of dichloroisocyanuric acid (dichlor). ACL® 60 dissolves readily in water making it ideal for intermittent feed applications, single dose applications, along with continuous chlorination needs. This coupled with ACL® 60's nearly neutral pH means ACL® 60 will have little to no impact on treated waters pH or alkalinity which will reduce the likely-hood of scale build up. ACL® 60 is anhydrous which allows for greater chlorine content compared to non-anhydrous dichloroisocyanuric acid (dichlor) materials.

Product Specifications

Appearance: White free flowing granular material
Available Chlorine: 62.0 Minimum wt. %
Moisture: 3.0 wt. %

Screen Size, U.S. Sieve Series:
On No. 20 mesh, 2 wt. % Maximum
Through No. l00 mesh, 2.0 wt. % Maximum
Primary Chemistry: Sodium dichloroisocyanurate 

Features & Benefits

Approved by US EPA for routine use in potable water
NSF Standard 60 for use as drinking water additive
No water clouding
Anhydrous material
No Scaling
Long Storage life when compared to other oxidizers
Safe to store and handle when compared to other oxidizers
Low total dissolved solids


Algaecide, Disinfectant, Sanitizer, Bactericide, Fungicide, Microbiocide/microbiostat

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