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PureTech Scientific Glycolic Acid


PureTech Scientific glycolic acid, previously manufactured by Chemours, is a broad range industrial liquid cleaner. It is an organic acid that is biodegradable and more environmentally friendly with less toxicity than alternative acids. Glycolic acid is one of the smallest organic molecules with both acid and alcohol functionality. Its unique properties make it ideal for a broad spectrum of cleaning applications including hard surfaces, industrial water systems, masonry surfaces, boiler systems, concrete cleaners and removers, water wells, and metal surfaces.

Problems Solved

Toxic profile of inorganic aid
Corrosion caused by mineral acids
Poor chelation and removal of deposits
Pungent odor of acetic and other acids
Need NSF certified acid
High volatility (VOC) acids
High chloride content in glycolic acid
Handling and storage difficulties of mineral acids

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