Cresylic Acid M80P20

Blended mixture of meta and para-cresol (80%/20%) with traces of xylenols and phenols.
Product Overview
M80P20 is weak organic acid that serves as key raw material in a variety of manufacturing processes due to its unique reactivity and solvency.

Product Specifications
Physical State @ 20°C: Liquid
Appearance: Clear to Amber
pH: 5.5
Melting point/range: 10 °C
Boiling point/boiling range: 202 °C
Flash point: 91-93 °C
Vapor pressure: 0.2 mmHg @ 25 °C
Autoignition temperature: 559 °C
Primary Chemistry: 80% meta- 20% para-cresol blend
Features & Benefits
High solvency
Low metals
Low particulates
Problems Solved
Need for highly concentrated m-cresol product
High level of impurities and metals in cresylic acid blends for use in sensitive electronics applications
Undesired reaction of cresylic acid impurities during the production of intermediate chemicals
Phenolic resin production, surfactants, HIC disinfectants, cleaners and solvents, coatings solvent, wire enamel solvent and wood preservative