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Cresylic Acid MC99

Cresylic acid which consists of 99% meta-cresol isomer.


450lb DR450LB



Product Overview

MC99 is weak organic acid that serves as key raw material in a variety of manufacturing processes due to its unique reactivity and solvency.

Product Specifications

Physical State @ 20°C: Liquid 
Appearance: Clear to Amber
pH: 5.5
Melting point/range: 12 °C
Boiling point/boiling range: 202 °C
Flash point: 94 °C
Vapor pressure: 0.2 mmHg @ 25 °C
Autoignition temperature: 559 °C
Primary Chemistry: High-purity meta-cresol, 99%

Features & Benefits

High solvency 
Low metals
Low particulates


Phenolic resin production, Vitamin E production, pesticides/insecticides, polymer solvent, pharmaceutical applications

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Sasol Cresylic Acid Blends

Sasol Cresylic Acid Blends are versatile mixtures of phenol, cresols, xylenols, and other alkylated phenols processed and purified through pure isomer and fraction separation to create chemistries free of impurities. They can be used in many applications, including high-performance plastic and sensitive electronic and photographic applications.

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