Cresylic Acid MP90

Blended mixture of cresols comprised of meta- and para- isomers (50%/40%).
Product Overview
MP90 is weak organic acid that serves as key raw material in a variety of manufacturing processes due to its unique reactivity and solvency.

Product Specifications
Physical State @ 20°C: Liquid
Appearance: Clear to Amber
pH: 5.5
Melting point/range: 10 °C
Boiling point/boiling range: 202 °C
Flash point: 89-91 °C
Vapor pressure: 0.2 mmHg @ 25 °C
Autoignition temperature: 555 °C
Primary Chemistry: Meta- para-cresol blend, 90%
Features & Benefits
High solvency
Low metals
Low particulates
Problems Solved
Limited availability of balanced m- and p-cresol mixtures
Impurities and metal content in cresol blends for use in chemical synthesis and manufacturing of intermediates
Fuel additives, O&G solvent, surfactants, HIC cleaners and solvents, fragrance synthesis, intermediate for LCP plastics, wood preservative