Cresylic Acid OC305

Cresylic acid which consists of 99% pure ortho-cresol isomer, free of xylenol isomers and phenols.
Product Overview
OC305 is weak organic acid that serves as key raw material in a variety of manufacturing processes due to its unique reactivity and solvency.
Product Specifications
Physical State @ 20°C: Solid
Appearance: White to Amber
pH: 5.5
Melting point/range: 31 °C
Boiling point/boiling range: 191 °C
Flash point: 81 °C
Autoignition temperature: 599 °C
Primary Chemistry: High-purity ortho-cresol, 99%
Features & Benefits
High solvency
Low metals
Low particulates
Problems Solved
Low purity of commercially available ortho-cresol products
Xylenol and phenol impurities in o-cresol products and blends
Phenolic resin production, herbicides synthesis, fragrance synthesis, pharmaceutical applications