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SI Group is the world’s largest producer of liquid phosphites, specialty antioxidants and additives in non-dust forms, including its patented ANOX™ NDB™ stabilizer blend technology that enables up to eight components to be delivered in a single homogeneous blend. Recognized for its extensive portfolio of specialty additives, including light stabilizers, polymer modifiers, polymerization inhibitors and intermediates, SI Group is the former antioxidant and UV stabilizer solutions business of Chemtura Corporation (later known as Addivant). The company's global headquarters is in Schenectady, NY USA, with regional offices in Al Jubail, Saudi Arabia; Basel, Switzerland and Shanghai, China. It has over 30 manufacturing plants on five continents, as well as research and sales facilities around the globe.

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POLYBOND™ 7200 container
POLYBOND™ 7200 acts as a high-efficiency coupling agent for cellulose fiber-filled polypropylene by reducing water uptake and providing higher flexural/tensile strength and impact properties than convential coupling agents.
NAUGARD™ PS 30 container
Liquid amine antioxidant for reducing scorch in flexible polyurethane foams made with polyether polyols.
ROYALTUF™ 372P20 container
Additive that improves weatherability and impact strength and toughness in styrene-acrylonitrile, polycarbonate, and polyester / polycarbonate blends.
NAUGARD™ P container
Liquid phosphite antioxidant designed to act as a processing stabilizer, decompose peroxides, and prevent discoloration.
LOWINOX™ HD98 container
Hindered phenolic antioxidant that provides excellent color protection during polymerization and manufacturing of polyamide fibers, molded articles, and films.
NAUGAWHITE™ Powder container
Non-staining, non-discoloring powder form antioxidant that protects natural and synthetic rubber from degradation due to heat, light, and oxygen exposure.
LOWINOX™ WSP container
LOWINOX™ WSP is a non-staining phenolic antioxidant that gives excellent protection from heat aging degradation in a variety of elastomers and plastics.
POLYBOND™ 1002 container
Polypropylene based coupling agent with a low melt flow rate and ultra high acrylic acid content.
SP-154 container
SP-154 is a heat-reactive phenolic resin that was specifically developed to prevent phasing in solvent-borne polychloroprene contact cements
ULTRANOX™ 626A container
ULTRANOX™ 626A is a high performance solid phosphite antioxidant that improves color stability and reduces polymer degradation during compounding, fabrication, and end use in a variety of resins. Similar to ULTRANOX® 626 but in a granular form.
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