SI Group Phenolic Resins


A family of reactive phenolic resins that can be used as base resins, curing agents, crosslinkers, or tackifiers to improve adhesion and increase the open time.

Problems Solved

Low resistance to high tempratures and weathering condition in rubber adhesives and contact cement formulations
Short open time and insufficient cohesive strength of rubber adhesive formulation
Phasing of elastomeric and rubber adhesives during storage or transportation
Low tackiness and cohesive strength in pressure sensitive adhesives

22 Products
BRJ-473 container
BRJ-473 is a thermosetting phenolic resin that is supplied as a solution in (methyl-ethyl-ketone) MEK solvent. It is excellent for us in nitrile rubber (NBR) adhesives.
SP-1045P container
SP-1045P is a heat-reactive resin similar to SP-1045 but supplied in pastille form.
FRJ-425 container
FRJ-425 is a phenol-formaldehyde novolak resin that can be used as an epoxy co-reactant in general-purpose applications.
SP-1044 container
SP-1044 is a heat-reactive resin that is based on octylphenol and formaldehyde. The product is excellent for curing Isobutylene-Isoprene (Butyl) rubbers.
SP-1068 container
SP-1068 is a thermoplastic resin that is used to increase tack in natural rubber and synthetic elastomers.
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