NAUGARD™ Liquid Phosphite Antioxidants
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NAUGARD™ Liquid Phosphite Antioxidants

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Product Description

Naugard™ Liquid Phosphite Antioxidants are non-staining, non-discoloring stabilizers for rubber compounds that prevent resinification of the polymer during manufacturing and storage and protects polymers against heat and oxygen degradation.


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namekey propertiesdocumentation
NAUGARD™ P Liquid phosphite antioxidant designed to act as a processing stabilizer, decompose peroxides, and prevent discoloration. SDS* TDS
NAUGARD™ PHR Liquid phosphite antioxidant for rubber and polymers that contains up to 1% triisopropanol amine to improve resistance to hydrolysis. SDS* TDS
NAUGARD™ RM51-S Blend of phosphite and phenolic antioxidants that is extremely effective at protecting natural and synthetic rubber from degradation as a result of exposure to heat, light, and oxygen. SDS* TDS

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