Anox® Hindered Phenolic Specialty Antioxidants
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Anox® Hindered Phenolic Specialty Antioxidants

Key Applications

PVC, EPDM, natural rubber, synthetic rubber, polyurethane foam, elastomers, adhesives, polyolefin copper wire insulation and jacketing

Product Description

Anox® Hindered Phenolic Antioxidants provide low volatility and excellent resistance to extraction from polymer compounds, allowing exceptional processing and end-use stability.


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namekey propertiesdocumentation
ANOX® 1315 Low viscosity liquid phenolic antioxidant with some FDA approvals. SDS* TDS
ANOX® 330 High molecular weight antioxidant ideal for a wide variety of applications including elastomers, hot melt adhesives, tackifiers and engineering polymers. SDS* TDS
ANOX® IC-14 Low volatility phenolic antioxidant with excellent resistance to extraction in polymers, provides outstanding protection against high temperature degradation. SDS* TDS