NEOBEE® 1053

NEOBEE® 1053 is a caprylic/capric triglyceride made from vegetable oil-based glycerol and 55% C8 and 44% C10 medium chain fatty acids from coconut and palm kernel oils. MCTs (medium chain triglycerides) are healthier due to their metabolism efficiency of burning fat to energy.
Product Overview
NEOBEE® MCT oils go through a proprietary multiple purification process to remove impurities. They are derived by esterifying glycerol with mixtures of caprylic and capric fatty acids from coconut or palm kernel oil.
Although MCT oils are fats, they are metabolized more like carbohydrates.

Caprylic and capric triglycerides
Product Specifications
Physical Appearance: Oil
Shelf life: Retest at 36 Months after manufacturing date
C8, Typical value: 55%
C10, Typical value: 44%
Allergens: None
Certifications: FSSC 22000
Miscible with hydrocarbons, esters, natural oils, alcohols, ketones, and acids
Kilocalories: 6.8 kcal/g
Features & Benefits
Type IV drug master file available upon request
Plant sourced
RSPO (Responsibly Sourced Palm Oil) mass balanced certified available (NEOBEE® 895 MB)
No trans fatty acids
Outstanding oxidative stability
Excellent organoleptic properties
Energy source alternative to glucose
Does not interfere with complex flavor profiles
Due to the high levels of C8 works with keto-friendly applications
Can dissolve a variety of substances that are insoluble in conventional fats and oils
Can be interesterified with other triglycerides to produce structured lipids
Low viscosity
Easy dispersability
Increases satiety
Free from animal products
Allergen free
Commercially available for more than 60 years
Patented purification process
Used as an energy source, fat source, oil source, moisture barrier, lubricant, anti-stick agent, anti-dusting agent, clouding agent, polishing agent, oil carrier, solubilizer, and spray oil
Mineral oil substitute
High stability oil substitute
Adult nutrition
Animal nutrition
Baked goods
Clinical nutrition
Cooking oil
Custom lipid chemistry
Dried fruit
Drug delivery systems
Dry blends
Food processing
Hard candies
Infant formulas
Keto-friendly products
Liquid-center confections
Lotions and creams
Maternal nutrition
Meal replacement systems
Medical food
Mold release
Nutrient absorption
Oral care
Pediatric nutrition
Pet food
Pharmaceutical processing
Reduced-calorie foods
Snack foods
Soft-chew confections
Sports nutrition
Toddler nutrition
Weight management