Wecobee® FS

Triglyceride derived from hydrogenated palm kernel oil and vegetable oil with a 103.6°F melting point.
Product Overview
Wecobee® triglycerides are oxidatively stable hard butters derived from edible vegetable oils. Wecobee® can be combined in formulations to achieve a desired melting profile.
Product Specifications
Appearance 25°C: White to off-white solid
Odor and Flavor: bland
Solid Fat Content, 20°C: 84
Solid Fat Content, 25°C: 61
Solid Fat Content, 30°: 30
Solid Fat Content, 40°C: 2
Features & Benefits
Wecobee® FS has a Type IV Drug Master File (DMF) available
A cocoa butter alternative or in dairy toppings, and as an excipient in pharmaceutical applications as a base for suppositories.