ZELEC® Acid Alcohol Phosphate
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ZELEC® Acid Alcohol Phosphate

Key Applications

internal mold release; antistatic agent; viscosity modifier

Product Description

These phosphates are excellent antistatic if neutralized with amines or KOH.They are stable in acid and alkaline systems.


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namekey propertiesdocumentation
ZELEC® LA-2 Neutralized phosphate ester often used as a viscosity modifier or internal mold release. ZELEC® LA-2 has reduced acidity compared to ZELEC® UN and ZELEC® MR-1. SDS TDS
ZELEC® UN Excellent antistat if neutralized with amines or KOH. Stable in both acid and alkaline systems. 100% active liquid. SDS* TDS
ZELEC® UN-LC Low color version of ZELEC® UN SDS TDS*

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