ZELEC® Neutralized Alcohol Phosphate
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ZELEC® Neutralized Alcohol Phosphate

Key Applications

internal mold release; antistatic agent; viscosity modifier

Product Description

These antistatic agentsare used in the textile, plastic and film industries. Various grades can be used in water soluble, hydrocarbon, acidic and alkaline systems.


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namekey propertiesdocumentation
ZELEC® AN Amine neutralized version of ZELEC® UN. The reduced acidity of ZELEC® AN allows for reduced die corrosion in closed molded thermoset applications. It can also be used as anti-fogging agent in lenses and glassing. SDS* TDS
ZELEC® NE Highly effective nondurable antistatic agent for use in textiles, plastics, and films. It is soluble in aqueous systems and other polar solvents. SDS TDS
ZELEC® NK Effective non-durable antistatic agent for use in textiles, plastics and films. It is dispersible in aqueous systems, but is preferred in solvent systems. SDS TDS
ZELEC® TY Antistatic typically used in polyolefin fibers, plastic and films on carpet. SDS TDS

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