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TraSys® Mold Release Systems


Stoner TraSys™ Mold Release Systems provide unique and superior molding application solutions specifically formulated to provide easy and cost-effective release from molded parts. TraSys™ has exceptional performance for use in molded materials including plastics, composites, polyurethane, rubber, and waxes. Applying Stoner’s TraSys™ on these materials not only offers fast and effortless release but improves productivity and part appearance. TraSys™ mold release agents can be used in injection, composite, rotational, and rubber molding – reaching inserts and deep cavities on hard-to-fill parts. Stoner TraSys™ is available in either a water-based or solvent-based coating. Domestically produced, Stoner TraSys™ can be delivered with flexibility and helps ease supply chain logistics while maintaining the highest quality.  

Stoner TraSys™ comes in various formulations including grease, aerosol, wax, and bulk liquid release. Easy to apply, a simple spray or quick wipe of TraSys™ anti-stick release agents will create the perfect mold release coating.  

Problems Solved

Availability of molding solutions in bulk and small package quantities. 
Availability in semi-permanent and sacrificial coatings.  
Defected, cracked products caused by sticking parts.  
Inconsistent surface finish, thinning, and dimensional instability in molded parts. 
Pinholes, voids, and blowouts in rotational molding applications. 
Increased production costs caused by excessive scrap parts.  
Mold buildup causing unforeseeable cleaning frequency and production delay. 
Sandblasting and breaking down molds. 

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