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ChemPoint is your one-stop-shop for your needs rotomolding solutions. Explore our range of top performance products from Stoner that provide a  variety of functionalities in rotational molding applications. From mold releasers and cleaner to prevent defects and enhance the molding flow.

Stoner is a manufacturer of specialized cleaners, lubricants, and coatings for both business-to-business and consumer applications. For the past seventy years, they have helped their customers save time, increase productivity, and improve the quality of their work. Stoner formulates more than 300 solutions and is the largest supplier of anti-stick release agents in the plastic molding industry.

TraSys® RotoFlow™


Flow Enhancer 
  • Removes pinholes, voids and blow outs
  • Reduces scrap and increases productivity
  • Improves quality and consistency of rotomolded polyolefin, nylon and cross-link parts
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Prevent Parting Line Buildup
  • Maintains a tighter mold seal and reduces leaks
  • Eliminates unwanted build-up of resin in the parting line
  • Improves appearance and reduces defects caused by parting line gaps 
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TraSys® 420


TraSys Mold Release 
  • Semi-permanent mold release coating
  • Great for nylon, polyolefin, and crosslinked resin
  • Water-based formula with more strength and durability of a solvent-based release
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Mold Cleaner
  • Reduces the need for sandblasting and breaking down molds
  • Quickly cleans and rapid stripping of mold residuals within seconds
  • Powerful, concentrated, water-based all-purpose cleaner for rotational molds
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