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For All Your Rotomolding Needs

Stoner Molding Solutions provides a wide variety of functionalities in rotational molding applications. As one of the world's largest rotational mold release suppliers, Stoner delivers years of knowledge and exceptional performance in composite, thermoplastic, thermoset, extrusion, rotational, injection, and rubber molding release solutions. Additionally, Stoner Molding Solutions provides superior mold cleaning applications to increase efficiency and overall value.

Stoner mold release agents come in many physical forms for various applications, including waxes, liquids, coatings, sprays, and aerosols. Stoner mold cleaners and mold releases are compatible with multiple forms of polymer resin systems. Stoner TraSys® mold release agents assist with reducing downtime in between your manufacturing processes and help protect your molds from: 

  • Cracking
  • Build up
  • Excess release transfer that impacts the overall quality and appearance 
  • Sticking parts 

Stoner TraSys® 9825

Stoner Molding Solutions TraSys® 9825  mold release coating is a water-based dispersion for hot mold applications. When applied to a mold, it exhibits outstanding durability and anti-stick properties. TraSys® 9825 mold release has unique properties, making it an excellent release agent for molded rubber, molded fluoropolymer, molded plastic, and epoxy and plastic laminates. 

Stoner TraSys® 9825 Advantages:
  • Ideal for compression, transfer, and injection molding of most rubber or silicone elastomer compounds 
  • Excellent durability and anti-stick properties
  • Very low coefficient of friction
  • Does not interfere with post-finishing operations when properly applied 
  • Clean, nonoily, nonstaining, and chemically inert
  • Can function in high temperatures 
  • Great for polished surfaces  
  • Compatible mold release properties for thermoplastic polyurethanes 
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Stoner TraSys® WB400 RotoFlow™

Stoner TraSys® WB400 RotoFlow™  is a mold release coating that facilitates the flow of polyolefin and nylon resin into the hard-to-reach areas of rotational molds. RotoFlow™  helps fill those areas around inserts, tight radii, threads, and deep cavities. This water-based release coating prevents pinhole bridging, thinning, blowholes, and static lines in the rotational molding process.  

Stoner TraSys® WB400 RotoFlow™ Advantages:
  • Removes pinholes, voids, and blowouts
  • Reduces scrap and increases productivity during the mold release process
  • Improves quality and consistency of rotomolded polyolefin, nylon, and cross-link parts
  • Increases the strength of inserts
  • Water-based, low-VOC formula
  • Compatible with PSI Brand Graphics
  • Improved appearance and operational performance of inserts
  • Contain no CFC or HCFC propellants or solvents
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Stoner M520 ZIP-SLIP® 

Stoner M520 ZIP-SLIP®  is an excellent preventative mold cleaner when applied to the parting line of a rotational mold. ZIP-SLIP® eliminates any unwanted buildup of chemical resin on the mold's parting line that causes gaps, leaks, increased equipment maintenance, and prolonged cleanup time. ZIP-SLIP® improves efficiencies by maintaining a tighter seal on the parting line, which helps prevent pinholes, voids, and blowholes.

Stoner TraSys M520 ZIP-SLIP® Advantages:  
  • Maintains a tighter mold seal and reduces leaks
  • Eliminates unwanted buildup of resin in the parting line
  • Improves appearance and reduces defects caused by parting line gaps 
  • Colorless and nonstaining
  • Save time on equipment maintenance and cleanup 
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Stoner TraSys® 420 Mold Release

Stoner TraSys® 420 mold release coating is a clear water-based dispersion for rotational molding applications. When applied to a mold, it exhibits excellent release and antistick properties and has a very low coefficient of friction. It is clean, nonoily, nonstaining, and chemically inert, and it can function in high temperatures. 

Stoner TraSys® 420 Mold Release Advantages: 
  • Semipermanent mold release coating can provide multiple releases
  • Great for nylon, polyolefin, and cross-linked resin
  • Water-based formula with more strength and durability than a solvent-based release
  • It contains no alcohols that may form flammable vapors 
  • Unmatched capabilities as a durable lubricant mold coating
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Stoner A320 Mold Cleaner

Stoner A320 mold cleaner is a water-based, concentrated cleaner for rotational molding applications. When applied, it efficiently cuts through the mold release, color build-up, grease, oil, dirt, stains and other tough grim.  This is a powerful, high pH concentrate cleaner that helps remove the left behind resin on rotational molds.

Stoner A320 Mold Cleaner Advantages: 
  • Reduces the need for sandblasting and breaking down molds
  • Quickly cleans and rapid stripping of mold residuals within seconds
  • Powerful, concentrated, water-based all-purpose cleaner for rotational molds
  • Safe for use on rotational mold applications, plastic, rubber, waxes and metal
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