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Pationic® Glycerol Esters Selector Guide

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Pationic® is a line of food-grade polymers based on glycerol ester, lactate, and stearoyl lactylate chemistries. Pationic® glycerol ester solutions are typically used as antistatic agents, antifogging performance, internal lubricants, mold release agents, emulsifiers, and pigment dispersing aids. Furthermore, their unique structure imparts desirable properties to a variety of products, such as plastics, cosmetics, coatings, paints, adhesives, and personal care, enhancing the formulation's quality and performance. Corbion ensures a high level of purity and consistency in Pationic® glycerol esters, contributing to their efficacy across diverse industries. Find your next Pationic® glycerol esters solution by selecting your function, polymer type, chemical composition, or chemistry type. 

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