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Armeen® 18D, Flake container
Armeen® 18D is a primary amine with an 18 carbon hydrophobic tail. It is used as a filming amine for mold release and corrosion inhibition applications.
Epolene® N-11 Polymer container
Epolene® N-11 is a low molecular weight polyethylene wax used as a mold release additive and lubricant in rubber processing.
Element14™ PDMS 50 container
Element14™ PDMS 50 is a low viscosity, linear polydimethylsiloxane polymer.
Pationic® 901K container
Pationic® 901K is glycerol monostearate (GMS) with 95% monoglyceride derived from vegetable oil
Element14™ PDMS 350 container
Element14™ PDMS 350 is a low viscosity, linear polydimethylsiloxane polymer.
Epolene® C-10 Polymer container
Epolene® C-10 is a branched polyethylene polymer that was developed for use as base polymer in hot melt coatings for paper and packaging.
Epolene® C-26 Polymer container
Epolene® C-26 is a maleated, low density polyethylene wax that is used as a coupling agent in polyolefin composites containing fillers or reinforcing agents.
BLE™ 25 container
Liquid form antioxidant and anti-flex cracking agent for use in peroxide cured solid rubbers and latex.
Element14™ PDMS 1000 container
Element14™ PDMS 1000 is a low viscosity, linear polydimethylsiloxane polymer.
Element14™ PDMS 5-A container
Element14™ PDMS 5-A is a low viscosity, linear polydimethylsiloxane polymer.
Stoner® E206 Silicone Mold Release™ container
Stoner® E206 is a mold release agent that is excellent for use in plastics, waxes, and rubber applications.
Tospearl™ 130FL container
Momentive performance additive, Tospearl™ 130FL is a micro-fine silicone resin that provides outstanding antiblocking applications for plastic films.
Epolene® N-14P Polymer container
Epolene® N-14P is a low molecular weight polyethylene wax powder that is used to improve scuff resistance of inks and coatings as a dispersing aid in color masterbatch.
Element14™ PDMS 500 container
Element14™ PDMS 500 is a low viscosity, linear polydimethylsiloxane polymer.
Pationic® 1042K container
Corbion Pationic® 1042K is a glycerol ester monostearate (GMS) with 42% alpha-monoester content. Pationic® 1042k is a polymer additive that can be used as an internal mold release or for anti-static agent properties. This product is certified Kosher and Halal.
Lubrazinc® W, Powder container
Lubrazinc® W is a general use grade, metal powder lubricant. Most cost effective grade.
Pationic® 1052P container
Pationic® 1052P is a glycerol mono stearate (GMS) with 52% monoglyceride content that is palm oil derived
Kemamide® S, Bead container
Formulated from Stearic Acid, this product is a saturated fatty primary monoamide and is most commonly used for its anti-block properties.
Pationic® 1052K container
Pationic® 1052K is a 52% glycerol monostearate additive for polyolefins, styrenics, PVC, TPO, and TPE formulations.
Pationic® 901RF container
Pationic® 901RF is a glycerol monostearate (GMS) with 95% monoglyceride derived from hydrogenated vegetable oil and formulated for heat stability Pastille version of Pationic 901K
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Industry Resources
Momentive Tospearl™ thumbnail
Tospearl™ series resins can decrease the contact between film layers, preventing them from sticking together. The silicone improves clarity in the films while requiring lower usage levels than other antiblocks like talc or mica.
SI Group Polybond thumbnail
PB 3349 allows for high load rates of HFFR without sacrificing tensile strength, tensile modulus and elongation properties of your compounds.
SI Group WESTON™ Liquid Phosphites thumbnail
SI Group's Morgantown, WV facility is the world’s largest phosphite production facility.
Janssen PMP ZINC PYRION™ thumbnail
Janssen PMP offers various pyrithione-based antimicrobials under the PYRION™ brand to reduce microbrial growth in various applications. Zinc Pyrion™ can be used as an antimicrobial agent in the plastics industry to safely protect against microorganisms.
SI Group ULTRANOX™ 800 thumbnail
Polypropylene systems have high stabilization demands. In order to meet increasing melt, color and storage performance standards SI Group™ has launched the ULTRANOX™ 800 antioxidant series.
SI Group Polybond 3200 thumbnail
The POLYBOND™ 3200 from SI Group is legendary for its performance as a coupling agent in plastic applications. The 3200 outperforms other coupling agents with superior thermal stability, color control and less degradation.
POLYBOND™ and Recycling of Polyolefins thumbnail

The SI Group portfolio of POLYBOND™ coupling agents improves mechanical performance for recycled filled composites by strengthening the coupling bond.

Dorf Ketal Unilink® 4200 thumbnail
Dorf Ketal's Unilink® catalysts and aromatic chain extenders serve the global polyurethane and polyurea markets. Unilink can be used as effective curing agents for TDI and MDI formulations. Polymers or foam cured with Unilink show improved strength, hardness, adhesion, longer potlife, impact resistance and load bearing properties.