Our list of plastic products used in cast film molding. Additional categories for filtering are provided to help in selection of the right grade for you.

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LOWILITE™ 62 container
Low melting point HALS that exhibits low interaction with co-additives such as pigments.
LOWILITE™ 92 container
Liquid form HALS that exhibits low interaction with co-additives such as pigments and other stabilizers.
Calcium Stearate FN VEG, Powder container
Vegetable source. This food grade carboxylate is derived from hydrogenated fatty acids and is used as a catalyst neutralizer.
LOWILITE™ 20S container
Low molecular weight, water soluble benzophenone UV light absorber for use in polymers and water-based cosmetics.
n-Hexane 99 Pure container
A pure grade, high-purity hydrocarbon ideally used as a carrier fluid for silicone oils and as a solvent for extraction of edible oils from seed and vegetable crops.
Cyclopentane 95 Tech container
A technical grade, high-density, high-purity hydrocarbon that is suitable for use in fuels and fuel additives as well as in plasticizers and coatings.
Microthene® FA 700-00 container
20 micron high density polyethylene powder with a melt index of 10.
iso-Pentane 99 Pure container
A high-purity hydrocarbon also known as 2-methylbutane; commonly used as a process medium for polypropylene and polyethylene manufacturing as well as in personal care applications.
n-Pentane 95% Tech container
A technical grade hydrocarbon commonly used for prep laboratory work and cleaning purposes. It can also be used as a blowing agent for styrenic foams and as a refrigerant.
Pationic® 915 container
Pationic® 915 is a glycerol monostearate (GMS) with 95% monoglyceride
Methylcyclohexane 99 Pure container
High Purity (99%) Hydrocarbon Solvent (CAS No. 108-87-2) with molecular formula CH3C6H11 with a wide variety of uses.
iso-Pentane 95 Tech container
A technical grade hydrocarbon that is highly recommended for use in industrial and polymer processing applications.
ALKANOX™ 240 Granular container
ALKANOX™ 240 Granular is an organo-phosphite antioxidant and stabilizer, similar to ALKANOX™ 240 Powder but supplied in non-dusting granular form. It is food contact approved and typically used in propylene and many other thermoplastics.
n-Hexane 95 Tech container
A technical grade high-purity hydrocarbon with a wide variety of applications. It can be used as a solvent for varnishes, coatings or adhesives in the printing industry. Other common uses are as an intermediate in laboratory chemicals or as a fuel additive.
Eastman DTBHQ Crystalline container
Storage stability inhibitor - extends shelf life with minimum effects on gel time (unsaturated polyesters).
Kemamide® VO, Bead container
Derived from oleic acid from vegetable sources, this product is an unsaturated fatty primary amide
ALKANOX™ 240 Powder container
ALKANOX™ 240 Powder is low volatility and thermally stable organo-phosphite antioxidant and stabilizer. It prevents oxidative degradation in a variety of polymers and thermoplastic materials.
Armoslip® CP - Beads container
Armoslip® CP is formulated from refined oleamides and provides excellent slip effect and has a moderate performance when used for anti-blocking
n-Decane 95 Tech container
n-Decane 95 Tech is a technical grade high-purity hydrocarbon excellently suited for crystallization, extraction and chromatography processes.
Kemamide® VO, Powder container
Same as Kemamide® VO Bead, in powder.
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Industry Resources
Momentive Tospearl™ thumbnail
Tospearl™ series resins can decrease the contact between film layers, preventing them from sticking together. The silicone improves clarity in the films while requiring lower usage levels than other antiblocks like talc or mica.
SI Group Polybond thumbnail
PB 3349 allows for high load rates of HFFR without sacrificing tensile strength, tensile modulus and elongation properties of your compounds.
SI Group WESTON™ Liquid Phosphites thumbnail
SI Group's Morgantown, WV facility is the world’s largest phosphite production facility.
SI Group LOWILITE™ Hindered Amine Light Stabilizers thumbnail
LOWILITE™ Hindered Amine Light Stabilizers (HALS) work by free radical scavenging to inhibit degradation of the polymer.
SI Group ALKANOX™ 240 Phosphite Antioxidant thumbnail
ALKANOX™ 240 phosphite is an organo-phosphite antioxidant that exhibits excellent hydrolytic stability.
Amidas Grasas PMC Kemamide® thumbnail
La línea de amidas Kemamide® cuenta con una amplia selección de aditivos plásticos, aditivos de caucho y lubricantes que son adecuados para su inclusión en poliolefinas, resinas de ingeniería, elastómeros y PVC.
SI Group ULTRANOX™ 800 thumbnail
Polypropylene systems have high stabilization demands. In order to meet increasing melt, color and storage performance standards SI Group™ has launched the ULTRANOX™ 800 antioxidant series.
SI Group Polybond 3200 thumbnail
The POLYBOND™ 3200 from SI Group is legendary for its performance as a coupling agent in plastic applications. The 3200 outperforms other coupling agents with superior thermal stability, color control and less degradation.