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Afton Grease Additives for HPM

Grease was the Word. Now it's HPM.

It's got groove, it's got meaning! NLGI has worked on a new specification for premium tier, high performance multi-use greases.  Stay ahead of the formulating curve with Afton's performance additive grease technology. 

High Performance Multiuse (HPM) Grease Specification

While the GC-LB Mark specification was originally intended to specify quality for greases used in automotive chasses and wheel bearings, since its inception in 1989 GC-LB Mark has become an indication of high-quality grease in various applications. Because of advancements in materials, technologies, and applications, NLGI recognizes that there is a growing need in the market for higher performing greases.
NLGI is finalizing a new specification to supplement GC-LB with a set of classifications for High Performance Multiuse (HPM) greases. The HPM Core specification focuses on a set of performance areas that are common to many applications. Recognizing the diverse operating conditions and applications for grease, enhanced performance subcategories have been chosen to meet particular needs.

HPM Performance Subcategories

The performance subcategories captured within the NLGI specification are as follows: Water Resistance (WR), Load Carrying Capability (HL), Salt Water Corrosion Resistance (CR), and Low Temperature Performance (LT). 
The tests and proposed limits for these performance subcategories are shown in more detail below. The enhanced performance subcategories must meet the core HPM specification as well. Additional performance subcategories may be developed in the future to address other common grease lubrication needs.

Afton Grease Additive Solutions

Afton Chemical specializes in specialty additive components and packages for formulating a range of performance greases. Afton is familiar with the challenges facing formulators evaluating a new HPM certified grease, and is happy to help you and your team navigate these hurdles.

Individual Components

HiTEC® 152

Tackifier Additive

  • Superior Tackiness
  • Enhances Water Resistance
  • Increase Surface Retention
View the HiTEC® 152 ►

HiTEC® 312G

Extreme Pressure (EP)

  • High Sulfur Content
  • Ashless Chemistry
  • Compliments ZDDP
View the HITEC® 312G ►

HiTEC® 7197G

Antiwear (AW)

  • Primary ZDDP
  • High Thermal Stability 
  • Increased Protection
View the HiTEC® 7197G ►

HiTEC® 5850B

Polymer Additive

  • Olefin Based VI Improver
  • Low Temp Stability
  • Easy to Handle Solid Block 

View the HiTEC® 5850B ►

HiTEC® 55562

Antioxidant (AO) 

  • Ashless & Chlorine Free
  • Soluble in Group I-IV Oils
  • Extend Grease Use Life

View the HiTEC® 55562►

HiTEC® 559

Rust Inhibitor (RI) 

  • Excellent Rust Prevention
  • Ashless Chemistry
  • Economic Solution

View the HiTEC® 559 ►

Package Additives

HiTEC® 552H

Antiwear & Antioxidant

  • Great Wear Protection
  • Enhanced Oxid. Stability
  • Does Not Effect Thickener

View the HiTEC® 552H ►

HiTEC® 343G

Extreme Pressure & Wear

  • Great EP/AW Durability 
  • Great Corrosion Prevention 
  • Expand Blending Flexibility  

View the HiTEC® 343G ►

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