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Krytox™ Greases for Extreme Pressure Applications

Krytox™ Greases for Extreme Pressure Applications container

Key Applications

Bearings and components

Product Description

The Krytox™ XP lubricant line offers greases and oils with a soluble additive in the oil. It will not be washed away or left behind with the grease thickener. These new patented additives enhance the performance of Krytox™ PFPE greases and oils, giving them improved performance properties. Bearings run quieter and wear less, because there are no solid additives to make noise. Lower wear will extend bearing and component life. The anti-corrosion protection of the additive will reduce rusting and allow longer grease and bearing life. The extreme pressure properties of the additive protect bearings under high loads. These products can be used in any lubrication application.

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