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Krytox™ Greases for Aerospace, Aviation, and National Defense

Key Applications

The aerospace grades of Krytox™ greases can be successfully used across a range of applications, including bearings, seals, space suits, O-rings, oxygen breathing systems, valves, thread lubricants, and more.

Product Description

Krytox™ aerospace greases are the lubricant of choice for demanding aerospace and aviation conditions —high and low temperatures, extreme pressure, and harsh environments. |These perfluoropolyether (PFPE) greases are formulated specifically for the aerospace industry and meet MIL, FSN, NATO, and H-1 food grade requirements including MIL PRF-27617 Types I, II, III, IV. These highly engineered grades of Krytox™ grease can withstand the harsh rigors of space and extreme high and low temperatures.

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