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ChemPoint provides unique functional and economical solutions to facilitate the innovation of your inks to stay on top of market trends.


A wide range of in-can (wet-state) preservative that provides broad spectrum efficacy. Excellent long term preservation, pH and thermal stability, compatibility with other formulation ingredients and better environmental profile. 

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A soybean oil methyl ester with a low VOC and high flashpoint alternative to petroleum based solvents. Since SoyGold® is much clearer and less oily than petroleum and oil based inks, it helps enhance the brightness of ink colors. 

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Improves wetting and emulsification, while decreasing foam, resulting in a clean and uniform application of ink. Only surfactant avoiding these problems because of the absence of foam at neutral and acidic pH range. 

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Glycolic Acid improves descaling efficiency, provides pH stability and improves bleed control. Glycolic Acid has unique features for inkjet inks, lithographic inks, and fountain solutions.

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