SYLTHERM™ Silicone Thermal Fluids

Key Applications

Pharmaceutical; Chemical Processing; Oil & Gas

Product Description

These low-viscosity silicone fluids offer excellent heat transfer performance and long service life. They are designed for high and low liquid phase heat transfer mediums and also offer low odor and toxicity. While the initial purchase cost of silicone fluids are typically more expensive than synthetic organic fluids, silicone fluids often have a lower long-term operating cost because they do not degrade like other fluids or require top-off fills.

3 Products
SYLTHERM™ HF container
A polydimethylsiloxane heat transfer fluid used between -73°C and 260°C.
SYLTHERM™ XLT container
A polydimethylsiloxane liquid used from -100°C to 260 °C
SYLTHERM™ 800 container
A polydimethylsiloxane liquid with operating temperature ranges of -40°F to 750°F (-40°C to 400°C).
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SYLTHERM™ Silicone Thermal Fluids Articles
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Syltherm™ is specialty line of high performance silicone thermal fluids designed for both extreme cold and hot temperature control.