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Buy ANDEROL® from a Preferred Partner

ChemPoint provides quality products and trusted service for LANXESS in North America for Anderol® formulated lubricants.

Anderol® High-Performance Synthetic Lubricants

Anderol® lubricants are specialty synthetic fluids from LANXESS engineered for use across a wide range of compressor and hydraulic systems common in heavy industry and manufacturing.

Anderol® compressor lubricants are formulated from a selection of base oils, including esters, Group III mineral oils, and PAO lubricant chemistries. These synthetic compressor oils offer an incredibly reliable service and can perform over a longer life cycle than conventional lubricating oils. 

Due to their broad range of lubricating base oil chemistries and proprietary additive technology, Anderol® lubricants provide stability under extreme pressure and offer high flash points for increased safety. These high-performance oils also provide excellent shear stability and oxidation resistance to protect key components and pump surfaces. 

LANXESS Anderol® lubricants are excellent for many different applications and can serve as NSF H2–certified lubricants. Anderol® lubricants can cut maintenance requirements in half, improve operation longevity and efficiency, extend equipment life, and reduce overall maintenance costs.

In partnership with LANXESS, ChemPoint provides a variety of Anderol® grades. See the table below to see which Anderol® lubricant is a fit for your application.


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