ISO Grade 68, synthetic dieseter compressor oil for high temperature protection & greater deposit control.
Product Overview
ANDEROL® 497 is a high performance, diester-based lubricating oil that delivers exceptional surface protection at high temperatures (up to 450°F). ANDEROL® 497 is rated H2 for food processing without incidental food contact requirements.

ANDEROL® 497 provides excellent rust & oxidation control for severe temperature equipment and processes in a range of compressor makes & models.
Product Specifications

Viscosity ISO VG: 68
Viscosity (at 40°C): 64.2 cSt
Viscosity (at 100°C): 7.4 cSt
Pour Point: -33°C
Flash Point: 252°C
Specific Gravity (@15.6°C): 0.954

Primary Chemistry: Diester
Features & Benefits
H2 - Food certification
Excellent low temperature performance
Low deposit formation
Reduced oil change-out frequency
Reduced fire and explosion hazard
Reduced fluid consumption
Eliminate deposits and lacquering
Nominal operating temperature range (-15°C to 230°C)
Problems Solved
Incompatible Metal Lubricant Additives or Byproduct Formation
Excessive levels of Oil Consumption & Replacement
Safety Concerns with Flammable or Explosive Lubricant Chemistries
Sintered bearings
Rotary compressors
Reciprocating compressors
Oil flooded rotary vane compressors
oil flooded rotary screw compressors

The following materials are recommended for use with Anderol® 497: Viton, High Nitrile Buna N, Teflon, Epoxy Paint, Oil-Resistant Alkyd, Nylon, Delrin, Celcon, and PBT.

The following materials are not recommended for use with Anderol® 497: Neoprene, SBR Rubber, Low Nitrile Buna N, Acrylic Paint, Lacquer, Polystyrene, PVC or ABS.