ISO Grade 100, synthetic diester compressor oil for process gas applications & equipment.
Product Overview
ANDEROL® 555 is a powerful compressor lubricant formulated from a high-quality, synthetic diester base oil. ANDEROL® 555 exhibits long-term protection in process gas compressors, vacuum pumps & air compressor systems.

ANDEROL® 555 is similar to the ANDEROL® 500 lubricating oil with an enhanced anti-foam performance package. ANDEROL® 555 can be used successfully in compressors & pumps with the following range of gases:
Air, Butadiene, Carbon Monoxide, Furnace Gas (Crack Gas), Carbon Dioxide (Dry), Ethylene, Helium, Hydrogen, Hydrogen Sulphide (Dry), Natural Gas, Methane, Nitrogen, Propane, Synthesis Gas, Sulphur Hexafluoride.
Product Specifications
Viscosity ISO VG:
Viscosity (at 40°C): 97 cSt
Viscosity (at 100°C): 9.3 cSt
Pour Point: -35°C
Flash Point: 274°C
Specific Gravity: 0.96

Primary Chemistry: Diester
Features & Benefits
Zero metal containing additives
Reduced oil change out intervals
Reduced fluid consumption
Reduced energy consumption
Excellent lacquering and deposit control
Excellent water separation performance
Nominal operating temperature range (-15°C to 230°C)
Problems Solved
Damage to System from Metallic Based Lubricant Additives
Poor Water Separation Performance from Lubricant
Poor Corrosion, Rust, and Surface Protection
Anderol® 555 can be used in a wide range of specialty process gas compressors and vacuum pumps: Cylinder and frame lubrication
Reciprocating compressors
Vacuum pumps
Rotating equipment

The following materials are recommended for use with Anderol® 555: Viton, High Nitrile Buna N, Teflon, Epoxy Paint, Oil-Resistant Alkyd, Nylon, Delrin, Celcon, and PBT.

The following materials are not recommended for use with Anderol® 555: Neoprene, SBR Rubber, Low Nitrile Buna N, Acrylic Paint, Lacquer, Polystyrene, PVC or ABS.