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PARALOID™ Performance Additives for Automotive Applications

Traditional plastic formulations are too brittle to withstand the harsh conditions in applications for automotive and transportation parts. Plastic parts used in extreme conditions must be modified with polymer additives to improve their impact strength and ability to absorb shock. 

Thermoplastic formulations play an essential role in the automotive industry due to their ability to withstand engine compartments' high temperatures and their inherent lightweight nature.  Plastics also have outstanding resistance to combustion products and solvents. Furthermore, they can be metal plated for decorative internal components of the vehicle. 

The impact strength of polymer systems such as polyvinyl chlorides and engineered resins is typically low or insufficient for what the automotive industry demands room and sub-zero temperatures. Impact modifier additives are not only necessary but are ideal for automotive applications as they improve the impact strength of the polymer resin while maintaining the lightweight, mechanical properties, design freedom, and easy fabrication required by the automotive industry.

Dow Chemical Company's Paraloid™ portfolio of impact modifiers and processing aids (PPA) improves the strength and processability of polymer resins and plastic alloys.

Acrylic Impact Modifiers (Butyl Acrylates)
  • MMA core-shell and acrylate rubber core
  • Thermal stability for high-temperature applications such as hot melt
  • UV and light stability for use in outdoor applications
  • Glass transition temperature or softening temp (Tg ± - 45°C)
 MBS Impact Modifiers (Methacrylate Butadiene Styrene)
  • MMA core-shell and butadiene styrene core
  • Excellent high-impact resistance at low temperatures and low add rates
  • High weathering resistance for use in indoor and outdoor applications
  • Glass transition temperature or softening temp (Tg ± - 75°C)
 Process Aids:
  • Assists in and controls fusion along with initial melting
  • Increased melt strength and extensibility
  • Improves homogeneity and tensile strength
  • Enhanced cohesion and rheology
  • Prevents melt fracturing

  Automotive and Transportation Applications

  • Automotive Under-the-hood plastic parts: 

  • Plastic interiors in automobiles and transportation vehicles​:


  Select the Ideal Paraloid™ Product for Your Resin or Formulation Type

Function/ PVC Type Flexible PVC Rigid PVC
Rigid PVC
Foam PVC
Processing Aids Only
 PARALOID™ K-125    
 PARALOID™ K-175    
 PARALOID™ K-120ND    
 PARALOID™ K-130D      
 PARALOID™ K-400      
 PARALOID™ K-416       
 PARALOID™ K-445      
Impact Modifier Only
 PARALOID™ BTA-751U     
 PARALOID™ KM 334    
 PARALOID™ KM 5000  
Processing Aid and Impact modifier
Resin Type Epoxy Resins Polylactic Acid
(PLA) Resin
Low Temp
Engineered Resin
High Temp
Engineered Resin
 PARALOID EXL™ 2314    
 PARALOID EXL™ 2300G    
 PARALOID EXL™ 2330      
 PARALOID EXL™ 2335      
 PARALOID EXL™ 2650J      
 PARALOID EXL™ 2690    
 PARALOID EXL™ BPM-520      

Paraloid™ high-performance plastic additives allow automotive manufacturers to maintain efficiency and overall consumer performance expectations for their vehicles. Talk to one of our technical specialists about which Paraloid™ impact modifier or processing aid works best for your automotive application.
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