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Paraloid™ K-175

Paraloid™ K-175 is a lubricating process aid that offers superior clarity in rigid and flexible vinyl, while decreasing plateout during production.




Product Overview

This is a free-flowing acrylic process aid designed to improve the fusion, flow, strength and surface appearance of rigid or flexible vinyl.

Product Specifications

White, acrylic based polymer, free-floating white powder
Bulk Density 0.51(g/cc)
Specific Gravity: 1.05
Completely soluble in Acetone, THF, and Toluene
Primary Chemistry: Acrylic Processing Aid

Features & Benefits

Reduced waste
Increased thermal stability
Improved output rates
High impact strength for injection-molded parts
Increased surface tension for print-ability


K-175 improves the strength, flexibility and clarity of vinyl. It is used in the manufacturing of bottles, (calendared) film and sheet, as well as packaging applications. 

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