PARALOID™ K-125 is a general-purpose processing aid that balances melt strength, thermal stability, and viscosity while improving production efficiency in rigid and flexible polyvinyl chloride (PVC).
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Product Overview

PARALOID K-125 is a free-flowing processing aid designed to be readily dispersed to improve rigid or flexible PVC's fusion, flow, strength, and surface appearance. PARALOID K-125 processing aid can be used as an additive to significantly increase PVC's strength while decreasing the number of fillers needed and increasing overall production efficiency. This acrylic processing aid is used extensively in end-use building and construction materials, vinyl piping, LVT floors, and injection molding. PARALOID K-125 acrylic processing aid works best for rigid PVC extrusion applications that require fusion promotion and increased melt strength without excessive die swell. Thermoformed film packaging applications utilizing PARALOID K-125 processing aid experience exceptional hot-melt strength, shortened time to achieve a smooth rolling back, and quick fusion.  PARALOID K-125 improves processing behavior for rigid PVC with no adverse effects on impact strength, thermal stability, tensile properties, or DTUFL/Vicat properties. 

Product Specifications

Form: Free-flowing powder
Color: White
Density: 0.43g/cc
Specific gravity: 1.15
Refractive index: 1.489
Tg: 106ºC

Primary Chemistry: Acrylic Process Aid
Features & Benefits

Improves the processability efficiency by 25%, reduces scrap
Leverages cost-effective benefits for rigid and flexible PVC systems
Decreases fusion to sheet and smooth rolling production time 
High melt strength with low loading levels 
Improves clarity 
Outstanding extensibility in post-extrusion thermoforming 
Reduces melt fracturing to promote glossy finishes 
Excellent dispersion properties for rigid PVC
Broad FDA approval for PVC film packaging applications 

Problems Solved
High loading level of process aids to achieve the desired clarity
Fusion issues in the production of vinyl sheets
Process delays and high reject in vinyl-production processes
Lack of melt and thermal strength during processing 

Packaging film
Semi-rigid and flexible PVC
Luxery vinyl tile (LVT) base layer