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Paraloid™ K-125

Paraloid™ K-125 is a free-flowing process aid that balances melt strength and viscosity, while improving production efficiency in both rigid and flexible vinyl.




Product Overview

This is a free-flowing acrylic process aid designed to improve the fusion, flow, strength and surface appearance of rigid or flexible vinyl.

Product Specifications

White free flowing powder
Density: 0.43g/cc
Specific Gravity: 1.15
Refractoin Index: 1.489
Primary Chemistry: Acrylic Process Aid

Features & Benefits

Decreases fusion to sheet and smooth rolling production time
High melt strength with low loading levels
Improves clarity


K-125 can be used to greatly increase vinyl's strength and while overall decreasing the amount of additives needed as well as increasing overall production efficiency. It is used extensively in building materials and construction, vinyl piping, and injection molding.

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