Low molecular weight benzophenone UV light absorber that offers effective protection for a wide variety of polymers.
Product Overview

LOWILITE™ 22 is a great general purpose, benzophenone UV absorber used in wide variety of polymers, HDPE, LDPE, PP, olefin copolymers (EPR, EPDM, EVA), PVC, polyesters, polystyrene, and ABS rubber.

LOWILITE™ 20S provides protection for a variety of materials from degradation caused by exposure to UV light. FDA approvals for food contact and personal care applications means LOWILITE™ 20S can be safely used in water-based cosmetics and sun care products as well as polymers.

Product Specifications
Appearance: Pale yellow powder
Melting Point: 47-50 °C
Molecular Weight: 326 g/mol
Density: 400 kg/m³
Flash Point: 475 °C
Primary Chemistry: 2-Hydroxy-4-Octoxybenzophenone
Features & Benefits
Broad food-contact approvals
Problems Solved
Degradation of polymers and low color stability in water-based cosmetics and sun care products
Compatibility of light stabilizers with polyolefins, polyesters, polystyrenes, and ABS rubbers
FDA clearances of light stabilizers for use in food contact applications