Low molecular weight benzophenone UV light absorber for use in polymers, coatings, and personal care applications.
Product Overview
LOWILITE™ 20 provides protection for a variety of materials from degradation caused by exposure to UV light. FDA approvals for food contact and personal care applications means LOWILITE™ 20 can be safely used in oil-based cosmetics and sun care products as well as polymers.
Product Specifications

Appearance: Pale yellow crystalline powder
Molecular Weight: 228 g/mol
Melting Point: 62-65 °C
Gardner Color: ≤8
Bulk Density: 650 kg/m³
Specific Gravity: 1.339 g/cc @ 25 °C

Primary Chemistry: 2-Hydroxy-4-Methoxybenzophenone
Features & Benefits
FDA approval for personal care applications Broad food-contact approvals
Problems Solved
Discoloration and degradation of polymers caused by exposure to light and UV radiation Low stability against UV light in coatings, sunscreen, and personal care formulations
Used in rigid and plasticized PVC for roofing and hoses; acrylic copolymers for windows and paneling; coatings, lacquers, and clear varnishes; adhesives; linseed oil-based alkyds and phenolics; and oil-based cosmetics and sunscreens.