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    Adhesive & Sealant Curing

    The curing of an adhesive or sealant is a chemical process in which the adhesive or sealant crystallizes and achieves it's final properties and strength.  How an adhesive or sealant is ultimately cured plays a large role how it is applied and the physical properties of the bonds it forms.

Take Control of the Curing Process with Tyzor®

Tyzor® Organic Titanates and Zirconates are excellent for curing a broad range of adhesive and sealant systems.  They are available in a range of grades that vary in reactivity and offer formulators complete control of cure rate.  The table below breaks down which grades of Tyzor® are recommended for various adhesive and sealant systems.

More Than Just a Curative

In addition to offering control over cure rate, Tyzor® Organic Titanates and Zirconates offer many other benefits when used in adhesive and sealant formulations.  Tyzor® cross-links polymers through reaction with hydroxyl and carboxyl functionality.  The cross-linked polymers are more durable and resistant to abrasion, chemicals, and moisture.  The reactivity of Tyzor® with hydroxyl groups also makes it an outstanding moisture scavenger.  When added to moisture sensitive adhesive and sealant formulations, Tyzor® protects the moisture sensitive polymers in the formulation and improves storage stability.  Tyzor® are also excellent for improving adhesion of adhesive and sealants to low energy surfaces.  They can be applied as a primer in a pre-treatment step or included in the formulation as an adhesion promoting additive.

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