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Enhance & Protect Glass with Tyzor®

Glass Coatings

Glass is one of the most versatile materials on the planet and it is used in countless applications ranging from architectural to energy.  Coatings and glass treatments are often utilized to modify the surface characteristics of the glass and specialize it for it's end use.  Glass coatings and treatments can serve a wide variety of functions but in general they are used for the protection and enhancement of glass surfaces.

Tyzor® - Ideal for Glass Coatings

Tyzor® organic titanates play an important role in the treatment and surface modification of glass.  They can be used for the protection of glass surfaces as well as for achieving desirable aesthetic effects.  Tyzor® is multi-functional and can be used as a surface modifier, adhesion promoter, or catalyst in various glass coating applications.

Adhesion Promoter

Tyzor® organic titanates can be applied in a pre-treatment step as a primer or incorporated in a coating formulation in order to improve adhesion to glass surfaces.  When applied to glass, the Tyzor® acts a bridge between the substrate and the polymer matrix of the coating to increase the overall bond strength.  This in turn leads to improved coating adhesion, increased resistance to water and chemicals, and enhanced scratch resistance.


Tyzor® is often used for "self-cleaning" glass applications.  It can be applied using a pyrolytic or hydrolytic (sol-gel) process to form a continuous layer of metal oxide.  This metal oxide layer acts as a catalyst in the presence of direct sunlight to decompose organic soil and dirt that is present on the surface of the glass.  This reaction allows the surface to remain clean and dirt to be easily removed using only water.

Surface Modifiers

As mentioned above, Tyzor® can be coated to form metal oxide.  This metal oxide can be used to change the functional and aesthetic properties of the glass surface.  The properties are often dependent on the thickness and morphology of the metal oxide, which can be controlled to a range from nano microstructures to macro-scale coatings.  Properties that can be enhanced with Tyzor include:

  • Heat and light reflection
  • Chemical and scratch protection
  • Optical effects including pearlescence and iridization

Typical Applications


Glass reinforcing fibers used in plastic composites can be treated with Tyzor® to improve the adhesion between the fibers and the polymer matrix of the composite.

Flat Glass

Flat glass can be treated with Tyzor® to produce a metal oxide layer that can provide various properties including light & heat reflection, surface hardness, optical effects,  UV catalytic function, and chemical resistance.

Glass Beads

Metal oxide produced by coating Tyzor® onto beads can be used to create various optical effects including iridescence and pearlescence as well as various colors.

Grade Selection

Tyzor® organic titanates are available in a broad range of grades for solvent-based, solvent-free, and water based applications.  The appropriate grade is dependent on the process, system type, and end-use requirements and should be selected to allow for optimized performance of the coating.  Contact us today to speak with one of our product experts about the correct grade of Tyzor for your glass coating and to request a sample.

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