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Tyzor™ GBA, titanium acetylacetonates

A titanium chelate with acetylacetonate as the chelating agent with a 16.4% TiO2 content.




Product Overview

Tyzor GBA can be applied as a coating primer, additive or in sol-gel systems as a base material. It can also act as a Lewis acid catalyst in esterification, transesterification, condensation and addition reactions.

Related Technologies: Flexographic Printing; Gravure Printing; Solvent-based Coating


Related Applications:  Aerospace Coatings; Appliances & Machinery Coatings; Architectural Coatings; Automotive Inks; Automotive OEM Coatings; Can Coatings; Coil Coatings; Commercial & Publication; Consumer Paints; Corrugated Boxes; Digital Inks; Electronics Coatings; Glass & Ceramics; Graphic Arts Coatings; Industrial Coatings; Metal Coatings; Packaging; Pipe Coatings; Primers; Traffic Paint

Features & Benefits

Excellent crosslinker and adhesion promoter in solvent based inks. Additional benefits in inks include improved dry rates, adhesion, solvent and heat resistance.
In coating applications, glass, metals, fillers and pigments can be treated with Tyzor GBA to give increased adhesion promotion, surface hardness, scratch resistance, heat and light reflection and corrosion resistance.
Act as additives to aid in crosslinking -OH and -COOH functional polymers or binders.
Tyzor GBA also eliminate by products, increase yield, easy work-up and low catalyst concentration in esterification and transesterification of various esters and polyesters. These benefits also extend to addition reactions for polyurethanes

Product Specifications

TiO2 %: 16.4
Active Content %: 75
Color: Orange to Red
Solvent: Isopropanol, Butanol, Methanol
Specific Gravity: 1.02
Viscosity, cps: 60
Pour Point C: -42
Boiling Point C: 70
Flash Point C: 12
Solubility in solvents: Miscible in most organic solvents
Solubility: Decompose

Chemistry:  Titanates & Zirconates; Titanates & Zirconates
Functions:  Adhesion Promoters; Adhesion Promoters; Binders; Binders; Catalysts; Catalysts; Cross-linkers; Fillers; Fillers; Scratch Resistance; Scuff Resistance

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