Viton™ Fluoroelastomers for Oil and Gas Applications

Viton™ Fluoroelastomers for Oil and Gas Applications

Maintaining a lower operation cost in the oil and gas industry is now more critical than ever. The demand volatility and fast-changing market conditions require an efficient process with reduced downtime and equipment failures. If not, these issues can typically cause an average loss of $38 to $88 million a year.

Viton™ Fluoroelastomers, a brand of The Chemours Company, can protect your equipment against process failures, keep your machines running, and maintain exceptional resistance for your parts in harsh and extreme conditions. Viton™ products are excellent for the manufacturing of O-rings, seals, gaskets, and hoses. They provide unique properties and improved endurance through resistance to high temperatures, amines or caustics, and hydrocarbon fluids for efficient and continuous operation in downhole and oil production applications.

What are Viton™ Fluoroelastomers?

Viton™ Fluoroelastomer is an extensive portfolio of fluoropolymers and specialty chemicals from The Chemours Company, engineered to withstand harsh conditions and extreme processes in elastomeric parts and rubber applications.

Why Viton™ Fluoroelastomers for Oil and Gas Applications?

Viton™ fluoroelastomers are the ideal choice for the manufacturing of hoses, seals, gaskets, and other elastomeric parts, especially when resistance to harsh chemicals and extreme production process temperatures are required. Viton™ fluoroelastomers offer:
  • Permeation resistance to different fluids and chemicals
  • Endurance and extended lifetime under extreme conditions
  • Outstanding performance in high temperature and pressure conditions
  • A great alternative to HNBR polymers and di-polymer FKM elastomers

Viton™ Featured Grades for O&G:

Viton™ APA polymers are manufactured using Advanced Polymer Architecture (APA) technology that is developed for high demanding applications and challenging process conditions. Three of the Viton™ fluoroelastomers grades are featured here as their properties and performance meet a wide range of service conditions in the oil and gas industry.

Viton™ GF-600S is a high viscosity, peroxide-curable, fluoropolymer gum that is suitable for O&G applications and provides:

  • Superior resistance to hot water and steam
  • Improved resistance to acids, hydrocarbons, and methanol
  • Replaces di-polymer FKM, HNBR
  • High temperature sealing up to 204 °C (399 °F)


Viton™ GFLT-600S is a best-in-class low temperature sealing fluoroelastomer gum that provides:

  • Medium viscosity alternative for di-polymer FKM, HNBR
  • Excellent resistance to acids, steam, and hydrocarbons
  • Enhanced low temperature sealing performance
  • High temperature sealing up to 204 °C (399 °F)


Viton™ GLT-600S is a medium viscosity fluoroelastomer that is an excellent choice for FKM sealing applications:

  • High temperature sealing up to 204 °C (399 °F)
  • Outstanding performance in low-temperature sealing applications
  • Resistance to acids, steam, and hydrocarbons

Material Selection Guideline for Oil and Gas Exploration and Production

Specification NBR HNBR Commercial
Upper Temperature Range, °C 135 160 204 204 204 204 204 204
Lower Temperature Range (Tg), °C –21 –21 5 0 -3 –29 –22 –8
Rapid Gas Decompression A₃ A₃ A₃ B₃ A₃ B₃ B₃ A₃
Compression Set A A B A B B B B
Oil-based fluids Hydrocarbon diesel B B C A A A A A
Aromatic hydrocarbons C C C A A A A A
Amine/oil inhibitors B B A C C C C A
Water-based fluids Steam C NT A C A A A A
Hot water NT NT A B A A A A
Formates B A NT C C C C A
High pH fluids (30% KOH) A A A C C C C A
Other fluids Methanol (methyl alcohol) A A A C A C A A
Acetone NT NT C C C C C B
A Excellent
A₃ Excellent, but compound-dependent
B Fair
B₃ Fair, but compound-dependent
C Not recommended
NT Not tested

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